Hear more clearly. Live more freely.

Hear more clearly.
Live more freely.

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How It Works

Hear everything you love without leaving home, on your own terms, for less than $1000.


Personalize your sound profile

Take our patent-pending setup to create your sound profile, in less than 5 minutes.


Try Before You Buy

Approved by Harvard and Stanford audiologists, the Otopter is a 2-minute patent-pending method that lets you to self-personalize your sound profile on your smartphone right now and also on your future hearing devices. Take the Otopter to experience how hearing clearly sounds like.


Easily Adjust on the go

With a subscription, hear clearly in any situation with your personalized settings and AI-enhanced recommendations.


Experience sound more clearly.



A sound beginning


People of all ages have hearing loss. We just don’t talk about it.

After 24 years, hundreds of hours consumed by appointments, and thousands of dollars spent on seven pairs of hearing aids, Amy was frustrated, confused, and isolated. When a federal law passed allowing hearing aids to be sold direct to consumers, Amy and Matt founded Concha Labs with a mission:

Help more than one billion people to hear clearly.

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What is Concha Labs?

Concha Labs is a software technology and data company, built by users for users. We aim to enable one billion people worldwide to hear clearly.


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