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We’re tired of the current offerings and think things can be better. Here’s what we have to offer.





Many hours over multiple months of appointments for manual adjustments by professionals.

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based on averages

Current “beeps” hearing test is based on hearing thresholds, which uses expensive sound booths and requires a trained professional. Despite the time and expenses, the resulting hearing device sound profile is still just an estimation.


Concha Labs

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Easy + Discreet

Concha’s patent-pending technology works on your smartphone - anytime, anywhere. 

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The powerful patent-pending technology enables you try, buy and set up your devices at home on your couch, without any in-office hearing thresholds test. Our methodology creates personalized sound profiles for you, wherever life takes you.


 Our prices

More customization at a lower cost.

We believe our customers have a right to have full transparency on prices, especially for such an important purchase. Traditional hearing aids are currently around $5,000 per pair, time consuming to get customized, and have limited personalization options.

Our technology radically cuts down on costs by giving you the power to tune your own devices, on your own terms and your own time. Our users report high satisfaction with this approach, and the AI will help guide your adjustments to ensure a good result.

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How it works

We make it easy to try out how hearing devices could sound and to purchase them… right from your couch.


step one

Create your sound profile with our app.

Plug in your earbuds. Create your personalized sound profile in five minutes.

Our app uses machine learning and your responses to quickly optimize your sound profile.


step two

Experience your sound profile before you buy.

Try out your sound profile and explore options before buying. The subscription will give you and your devices perfect sound and fit,.


Step Three

Try your device in the comfort of your own home.

We will send you a pair of discreet hearing devices. Take a few minutes to personalize and adjust them with the app.


Step Four

Hear clearly on the go.

You’ll be able to continually change and enhance your sound profiles, anywhere you go, at any time.

We will provide you AI-enhanced options and recommendations.


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