Hear more clearly. Live more freely.

We aim to enable one billion people worldwide to hear clearly.

Concha Labs is a company built by users for users.


The team

Who are we?


We are a team of passionate, dedicated problem solvers making the world a better place. We also enjoy doing math, playing games, skiing, swimming and debating current events.



Amy Li

Hearing aid user, industry experience, UC Berkeley Engineering, Stanford MBA



Matt Sorg

Machine Learning Engineer
Mathematics, U of Wash


Mel Hsieh

Full-Stack Software Engineer



Kevin H. Franck

Director of Audiology
Harvard University

Our story

Where we began


During her MBA studies, founder Amy Li opened up about her own hearing loss. She shared how frustrated, confused and isolated she felt while spending hundreds of hours in appointments and $5,000 for each pair of hearing aids. Afterwards, people reached out; a classmate asked Amy to help their friend, who also had hearing loss. Amy realized that she was not alone; 50 million Americans have hearing loss. After working in the hearing aid industry, she realized more could be done to help.

In 2017, a federal law passed to allow hearing aids to be sold direct to consumer. Amy met Matt and Mel, and with the help of 150 user interviews and advice from audiologists and ear doctors, the team built Concha Labs’ patent-pending technology.

We believe that everyone should have the power to hear clearly. While nearly everyone with vision loss would choose to wear lenses, only 20% of people with hearing loss choose to wear hearing aids. It is so easy to buy and wear glasses and contact lenses to see clearly, so why should it be so difficult to hear clearly? We are customers too and excited to be developing something we’d love to use.